Make fondant yourself – 132 ideas and tips

When listening to the foreign word "fondant" in German mixed feelings usually arise. Some people have no idea what it is all about, others know that it is something sweet and attractive and the third part thinks to be familiar with the meaning. Now everyone can invent a whole new meaning of the term for themselves or expand their previous knowledge and also collect some recipes and tips on how to make fondant itself. The best part here is that making fondant is very easy and the result is delicious in most cases! And do you remember that fondant could be vegetarian or even vegan? Yes, because the ingredients are mostly sugar and binding agents.

  1. What does fondant mean and which ingredients do you need? Actually, there are two types of fondant:
  • Sugarpaste

The word "fondant" comes originally from French and means "to melt". Rollfondant is a soft sugar dough that is rolled out and dyed in a variety of colors and nuances. You can understand it as an edible plasticine. Here is a step-by-step explained quick recipe for this:

The pleasure to make cake homemade - funny and cheap!

Fondant figures make chocolates, muffins and tarts!
fondant-yourself-making fondant-prescription-fondant figurines-yourself-make

Edible flowers delight the eye and the sense of taste

Create and decorate a funny fondant cake yourself

  • Liquid fondant is the second kind you should know about, although it is not as attractive as the roll fudge. The advantage of this fondant type is that it can be found everywhere in the supermarkets, unlike the other dough that you usually order on the internet and pay for high shipping costs or in special baking supplies. It would be best if you take a short time to find out how to make fondant yourself before you finish buying it. The preparation proves to be quite simple, as for the preparation of the liquid fondant alone water and sugar. Exactly this fondant is used as glaze for Berliners.

    Make liquid fondant yourself and use it to glaze pastries
    Glaze recipes-fondant-pastry-glaze

    Enjoy unique taste
    fondant-yourself-making fondant-glaze-berlin

    Liquid fondant as glaze and roll fondant as cake decoration
    fondant-yourself-making fondant-pie-bunt

    2. How do I make fondant figures and decoration?

    Until here you already know what kind of fondant varieties exist and how you can make the dough. Now when it's done and rolled out, it comes to the funnier part of the task: make decoration from fondant itself. Flowers are the most common cake decoration and also pretty easy to make, so we go on with that. First of all with this useful and informative video for beginners:

  • Make fondant figures yourself

    2.1. flowers

Good preparation means that you are half-finished
fondant-yourself-making fondant-recipe-list-of-need-things

If the special equipment is missing, you can access the existing material
fondant-flower-yourself-do it yourself-making fondant-recipe-as-

Romance like this is always right
Fondant flowers on the wedding cake

Not just flowers, but decorate the cake with a whole fondant bouquet
Decorate funny and elegant pies
fondant-yourself-make-motif pies-flowers-and-surprise

Make fondant yourself and make flowers from it
fondant-yourself-making Japanese-cake-decorating

Kimmidoll - cake decoration as in Japan
fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-kimmy Pie

Means of designing fondant figures
fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-fondantblumen-gerat

fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-fondantblumen-yourself-make

2.2. Fondant animals

A busy bee on the cake combines well with the flowers
fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-fondant-bee-yourself-make

Step by step how a mini-deer is designed
fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-deer figure-yourself-make

fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-schildkrote-yourself-make

Incredibly sweet decorate the pies
fondant-yourself-making fondant-pie-fondant figurines-dog

fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-fondanthunde

fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau Unicorn

The zoo world on a cake can only bring fun to the kids!
fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-zootorte zebra and giraffe-fondant figurines

2.3. Cut out letters from fondant

fondant-make-yourself-fondant figurines-Gâteau-fondant-letter

2.4. Fondant figures for babies and their parents

fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-fondantschuhe  fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-for-young
fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-for-girls
fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-for-mom

fondant-yourself-make-motif pies Newborn-baby

2.5. Cake with fondant for Christmas

fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-santa claus
White stars for decorating pastries in winter
fondant-yourself-making fondant-prescription-fondant-asterisk
Black and white - a classic combination also at the cake decoration


2.6. Other great ideas

fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau Mushrooms

fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-the-court.Nearbyfondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-tie

  • Cake Decoration with Fondant for a Beloved Man's Birthday - A beautiful cake made especially for this celebration can be the best gift! Making fondant yourself, as it becomes known here, is not a difficult task, but it can be a huge pleasure! Children are the ones who enjoy the sweets the most, the spouse, the parents or the best friends would certainly be pleased with such a surprise. In addition to cakes, cakes, muffins, chocolates, biscuits and even lollipops are cool ideas. Lollipop shape, a pinch of imagination and the customers will remember this celebration for life. The first step is to cover the cake with the rolled out fondant. The video below shows you how to precisely cover the cake at home.
    Next you do with the fondant figures. Here is a video explanation of how you could make fondant elephant yourself. Once you've watched the video, you've probably noticed that muffin or cake of special sugar glue is needed to connect parts of the figure and place them on the cake. In the video below you can learn more about it and get tips on how to prepare this binder all by yourself.

fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines Lollipop
Make muffin with fondant yourself
fondant-yourself-make-cake-decorating-pink fondant figurines-for-muffins
A great idea for muffin flowers
fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-flower cake-deco
Make fondant yourself - make the sweet flowers with available funds
fondant-yourself-making fondant-flowers-yourself-make
Dessert always brings joy, especially when it's funny
Batman is still very popular among the boys
Fondant figures puzzle
fondant-do it yourself-pies-deco-decorate-fondant-figurines

Fondant figures with the legendary heroes of the animations



Make fondant yourself - some ideas on how a diligent woman can surprise her special man
fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-motif pies-auto

fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-car fans

Great fondant cake for his majesty - the man
fondant-yourself-making fondant-pie-konig

Say "I love you" through fondant figures
fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-love

Fondant cake a la James Bond
fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-motif pies-gentleman

fondant-do it yourself-cakes-cake-decorating-in-suit

Turn the hobby into cake

Chocolates are suitable for any purpose and can even soften the coldest heart

fondant-yourself-making sugar fondant-chocolates-enjoy

fondant-yourself-making sugar fondant-chess-pralines

fondant-yourself-make-little things-with-fondant-eat-and-decorate

fondant-yourself-make-cake-with-fondant-cake-decorating-flower decorations

3. How do I store the fondant dough? - Another important question to ask. In any case you have to fondant in a cool and recommended dry room. What else is to know that the fondant pies usually keep 3 to 4 days. That's not a huge problem - who would resist such sweet temptation for so long ?!

Decorate pies with fondant and fondant figures is suitable for any celebration
The owl has accidentally sat down on the cake and so wished it original
fondant-yourself-making fondant cake-Owl



Pies decorate to graduate ball


fondant-yourself-making Gâteau-points-in-purple-and-Turkic colors
fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-autos-birthday party

A tasty tea party

fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate Colorful Flowers

All kinds of equipment for cake decoration

Sweet-sour pleasure with the wedding cake

fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-motif pies-lemons

fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-wedding cake


fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-elegant-flowers-dark purple

fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate elegant Pie


In the sweet world of dinosaurs
fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-dinosaur cake

fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-rainbow-fondant Funny figurines

fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-birthday party-young




The fairy tale is animated by cake decoration
fondant-do it yourself-tarts-with-decorate--minions-fondant figurines

fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-Mickey Mouse

fondant-grind itself-are-pies-decorating-with-bee-and-
fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-music pie

Fondant itself make a company party

ride fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-

fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-pink flowers and-cherries

fondant-do it yourself-pies-decorate-and chocolate-fondant


Your child will be happy to farm such a pig farm


Shells, starfish and rapiers are the seabed
fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-seetorte-fondant figurines Scallops


Real masterpiece - do you think this jug is made of sugar dough?

fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-zugeknopfte Pie

Love in the air, pie in the stomach
fondant-yourself-make-pies-decorate-two stylish-ideas

fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-baby
fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-elegant-Blumendeko

One of these is said to be the shoe of Cinderella

fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-fondantsschuh-yourself-make

Fortunately, these little mice do not eat the cake, but they are edible and incredibly delicious
fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-as-mause

fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-mauschen

fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-mauschen-or-pigs

fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-monkey

The sunflower is not in the field this time
fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-sunflower

Make fondant yourself - pie decoration "Pu Der Bär"
fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-yori-yourself-make fondant-yourself-making fondant figurines-Gâteau-zoo

fondant-yourself-making sugar fondant-eat-and-enjoy

The sweet gift you could get
fondant-yourself-making sugar fondant-gift ideas
fondant-yourself-making sugar fondant-tea party




fondant-do it yourself-Cake-decorating-pleasure-in-small-doses

fondant-yourself-make-cake-decorating-cherry tree

The engagement - a nice holiday that should definitely be celebrated with something sweet
fondant-yourself-make-cake-decorating-for-engagement day

fondant-yourself-make-cake-with-fondant-cake-decorating mini cake
Make Minnie Mouse Fondant yourself


Play hide and seek by surrounding the cake with fondant

fondant-make-yourself-cake-with-fondant-cake-decorating-beautifully already

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