Integrate brick wall in the apartment – extravagant ideas

Remember the sense that brick walls awoke in your thoughts - comfort, warmth, comfort. And security definitely! Many people love exactly the look that the not yet designed apartment has. If you are one of them, then you should definitely pay attention to our ideas for a brick wall at home!

33 extravagant ideas on how to integrate a brick wall at home

brick walls-living room

The brick wall Design idea comes from the 19th century, when they were simply the cheapest design decision. Brick walls are more of a matter of taste nowadays - they give the home a natural charm and simplicity that is reassuring to the homeowner. The real magic is still coming! You can use this wall design in almost every room in your apartment: in the anteroom, in the living room, in the bedroom, in the kitchen and even in the bathroom.

We have selected some concrete examples for each room to help you better orient yourself. Let yourself be inspired! Great brick walls are one step further ...

Brick wall in the living room (best combined with a fireplace)

brick walls Living Room 3

brick walls-living room-design

brick walls-living room-idee

brick walls-living room-ideas

brick walls-living room-with-fireplace

brick walls-living room-with-fireplace-2

brick walls-living room-with-sofas

brick walls with fireplace-wonhzimmer-2-

Integrate brick wall in the anteroom or in the corridor

ziegelwand idea-between space

ziegelwand idea-between space-mi-sofa


Meuer brick-hall-2

ziegelwand idea-between space-with-chair

Untreated brick walls for the kitchen


ziegelwand-kitchen-dining room ziegelwand-kitchen-design ziegelwand-kitchen-green


Bathroom with exposed brick wall



Nursery with wall - effect wall



Bedroom with brick wall - totally chic!



ziegelmauer-bedroom bed

ziegelmauer-bedroom bed-brown

ziegelmauer-bedroom yellow pillows

brick-brick-wall-integrated-bedroom Idea


ziegelmauer-bedroom-with-blue pillows

wall-to-brick stones-bedroom-wall design



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