Beard dye: 5 steps to the perfect male look

"Bart coloring" is a topic that concerns more and more men. They become more and more vain day after day and except for the healthy diet, the regular visits to the gym and the shiny outfit, they also pay attention to the perfect hair and beard care. Whether it's for a man to get white-haired or change his style and make the face work in new ways - the causes are many, and the ideas we have - more than 40. Inspirations, looks, and You will get tips for actual coloring as you continue to scroll down.

Modern society requires that not only women maintain a perfect look, but also men. While some of them feel comfortable and content with this fact, others want more masculinity and a stern or serious look. That's one of the reasons that so many men have grown their beard in recent years. Others follow the famous hipster fashion that has become a unique modern lifestyle, others are just too lazy to shave. What are your reasons for a beard? We would like to know that. Contact us via Facebook, Instagram or email.

Coloring Beard - 5 Easy Steps

Beard dyeing ideas how to color his beard well. Tips and instructions. Man with beard

The question is how the beard is dyed. You have decided to do a refreshing procedure for your facial hair? Then you should get the necessary products for proper and healthy care:

  • Bart Color
  • Brush / Toothbrush
  • bowl
  • laundry detergent
  • Oil / Cream

Step 1: Choice of color

Beard care five beard ideas for each man and beard bright color blond black brown reddish

First and foremost, you should choose the right color and texture for the colorants. There are many products on the market, but which one is right for you? You can not guarantee that before you test some of them. Here are some questions that would help you to choose:

  • Which hair color do I have?
    The hair on the scalp and on the face does not necessarily have to be in the same color. It would be advisable, however, that at least the nuances are similar.
  • Do I want to dye the beard in a lighter or darker color than my natural color?
    Be careful: if you want to dye the beard in a light color, then you should apply the colorant twice in succession - so you get the desired effect. Do not forget the fact that the facial hairs have different structure than the scalp hairs. They are drier and therefore more difficult to care for. There would be no problem with the darker tones.
  • What do I do if the coloring does not work well for me?
    Are you ready to shave your beard if you do not like the result?
    If not, you would have to carry your "failure" for a few weeks.
    * You should know in advance: brown or black henna color on gray or white facial hair could lead to green beard. If you want to avoid this effect, either leave the color to a barber or let the color last longer on the beard.

Step 2: Choosing the right products

beard gray dye everything the man needs to maintain his beard beautiful shaving oil

Since many colorants contain various chemicals (although these are less harmful to beard dyeing), you should do an allergy test after purchase and before the actual benefit. This will tell you if your skin reacts well to the colorants. Take the test by applying a little bit of paint to the lower inner side of the arm two days before staining - let it work for 5 minutes and wash the stained area with water. If this sample does not cause any unnatural reactions, you can also apply the color to your face. On the contrary, you would rather search for an organic color or a henna colorant.

Step 3: Preparation for staining

whisker dyeing and well grooming long beard combing comb black beard dyeing beautiful idea

If you are concerned about the quality of the colorant and its effect on your skin, you can continue to make the actual look change. Apply Vaseline to your cheeks and neck - this protects against skin coloration on these spots. Put on the rubber gloves and attach.

Step 4: Color the beard

whiskers dye the hair at the barber and dye the beard saturated colors on the face

If there are no special brushes in the packaging containing the colorant, you can also use a toothbrush. Apply the color only to the hair, not to the facial skin. Follow strictly the user instructions on the packaging, especially if you want to brighten your beard. If you apply the color repeatedly, let it appear a little shorter on the face.

When you are satisfied with the color, rinse off the colorants. And if the color is a bit darker than desired, do not worry too much - after the second wash, it will fade easily.

Step 5: Dyeing and Maintaining Healthy Beard

whisker dyeing and precise grooming ideas for men beard beard cream soap and other ideas

The coloring process is not over. To give you a healthy and beard, you should take care of it every day. Our tips:

  • It is better to wash the beard only with warm water, instead of using shampoo and so on every time. to use
  • Applying jojoba oil or conditioner to your beard in the evening will make it thicker and your skin soft and healthy
  • Do not compromise and choose only the best products - it's all about the face, which is particularly sensitive to both women and men. A good idea is also the homemade cosmetics: oil blends, creams, etc.

"Touch of Color" on the beard

Many men do not want their beards and whiskers completely dyed, but only subtly underline and refresh. But we have another idea: you could style them with a tinted hair wax. Such products are mostly based on henna and are just as easy to use as other hair cosmetics. Rub the wax between your hands and apply generously to the beard. Then you can style the facial hair with a beard comb or a brush.

The experience of Jeff Buoncristiano

Before and after coloring

beard dye ideas and inspirations before and after coloring ideas dense beard man male

Do you know that…

... in some men, the natural beard color of the natural hair color is different! How is that possible? Genetics is the answer. Even if the parents are brown-haired, it is possible that the son has a reddish beard, for example. No worries, that's not terrible or unnatural. On the contrary, it indicates that someone from the family ancestors was red-haired. The appearance is not typical, but particularly striking and unique.

Hair and beard in different colors

beard dye house agent ideas beard in reddish nuances dye beard grow

Coloring a black beard: create contrasts - this attracts women's attention

beard tones light skin color white and black beard what do you think of this combination man with hat and beard blue tshirt

Bad boy look: looks so appealing    

beard gray dye or pink blond red what color do you like best tattoo bad boy look

Mariano Di Vaio - the famous model tries different looks and always looks great

beard tones in black or blond which look you like best mariano di vaio

The blond strands in the hair are complemented by bleached beard - a precisely refined look

beard tones ideas of mariano model men's fashion for men slightly brightened tips of the hair and beard

DIY - Beard blond


Black beard dye - this man knows what he wants and how he achieves his goals 

beard dye photographer with suit elegant suit and beard so attractive man with style men style

Reddish brown hair and beard - are best for green eyes

beard dyeing in reddish nuances attractive man hair style beard well groom green eyes bright skin red-haired men

Dark blonde hair: the beard should harmonize with it - do you like this hipster look

beard dye ideas dark blond beard ideas blond man with beard glasses hair shirt suit outfit class style

Dye Bart Gray - would you take this step like Joe Manganiello? 

beard dyeing ideas for men with style and class beard in white color black white hair

Every man with a beard likes his own style and looks confident 

beard dye blond or white i love my beard men with style beard beard ideas for gentlemen

Wash, comb, dye, apply oils or treat with wax - cultivate your beard so that it pleases you and the loved ones

whiskers dye purple color for the beard man with muscles wrist watch father and his daughter's dear photo

Comb or beard brush - what use do you for fixing and against intertwining in the longer beard?

beard gray dye beard dark blond beard blond hipster look trendy blue suit glasses for men

Coloring the beard at the barber - so you are sure about the good result

beard gray dye hairstyle for beard scissors barbier visit ready for a change

An effect that can only be achieved with the help of wax

beard tinting ideas from the hipster world mustache and beard in black color dye yourself or at the barber

The beard hides the baby face and gives his wearer a certain amount of manhood

beard gray dye or blond long hair for men beard beard care correct concern

beard blond to beard beard blonde blond beard brown jacket with fluffy elements

Muscular, masculine, bearded

beard gray dye blond dark-haired man with red blouse beautiful idea

What do you mean - natural or artificial color? 

dyeing whiskers - what do you think is that a natural color or rather artificially ginger red hair

Note the shades - hair, eyebrows and beard in a consistent, harmonious look

beard dark blond light blond hair suit white suit man model ideas photos white wall background

change beard color and make the beard grow longer no shaving barber care men with beards

The cool hipster style

beard tan with blond strands idea glasses black glasses man model beautiful photo

beard dye house agent hipster style man with bicycle and long beard brown beard glasses

beard color brown the natural color underline white t-shirt backpack wristwatch ring

beard coloring house agent i love my beard beard care for the beard man with beard

beard dye housekeeping pipe smoking man class brown beard natural or colored

beard coloring house agent brown beard colors design creative man cool style glasses necklace trendy hairstyle

Some more creative ideas - 1. Superman

beard dye house agent black beard superman beard design mural decoration ideas

2. Santa Claus is a classic example of a man with a beard

beard dye house means the santa claus a landmark for him is his beard white hair hat red white

3. Further Christmas ideas

hair dye men color and decoration for the beard christmas balls green golden red long beard

hair dyeing men long reddish facial hair man with beard and deco on it christmas balls

4. Unfold your creativity

hair dyeing men's light chains in the beard insert lights beard reading glasses hat man creative photo

5. Pink sparkling beard for New Year's Eve party - why not!

hair dyeing men's ideas and inspirations pink beard fashion shine shiny ideas pink hair

6. Beard and hair in blue

hair dye men blue hair creative ideas orange t-shirt chain necklace ideas

7. ... or blonde-green

hair dyeing men green beard blond man tattoo on the left arm colorful tattoo idea

Finally, if anyone wonders if he should grow his beard or not, the answer is clear

compact beard with or without beard why should you have beard or not what do you prefer

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